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Results-Driven Content Marketing

We produce animated whiteboard videos that have proven to be highly effective at generating leads, as sales tools and can also be used for education or training. Once we have produced your video we can show you how to use it in AdWords and email marketing campaigns to increase conversion rates. 
  • Captures the Attention - Research has shown that animated videos are eight times more likely to be watched all the way through compared to other types of video content.
  • Lower Bounce Rates - Animated videos improve search marketing results by reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions.
  • Increased Sales - A comScore study found that consumers are 64% more likely to buy a product from an online retailer after watching a video.
  • Information Retention - Viewers retain 30% more information when it is presented in a whiteboard video.
Animated videos make an impact, drive results and pay for themselves quickly.



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